Conditions treated

Spinal Problems

Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Headaches

Sports Injuries

Tennis / Golfer's elbow, cartilage / ligament / tendon injuries, achilles, tendonitis of the shoulder, etc.

Joint Problems

Heat / Swelling, degenerative conditions e.g. osteoarthritis, muscle wastage, frozen shoulders etc.


Following surgery for replacement joints or cruciate ligament reconstruction, following trauma or sports injury.

Postural Problems

Leading to headache, spinal pain or shoulder impingement.

Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotics

To help correct or offload joints where flat feet, knock or bow knees, bunions or hip posture may be a problem. Patients are prescribed exercises and individually assessed at the Practice for tailor made Orthotics.


Used to help manage pain in either the early stages of a very painful condition, or in conditions of chronic pain. To help release areas of overly tight soft tissue, known as trigger point release.

Treatments available

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

All Patients are indvidually treated allowing for the skills of Manual Mobilisation.

Exercise Therapy

Exercise Therapy

Individual prescription of exercise to improve core stability and posture, helping the patient to keep joints optimally aligned and soft tissue mobile.

Biomechanical Assessment

Utilising exercise therapy and orthotic provision.

Advice on appropriate or sports footwear.

Taping as part of assessment and rehabilitation may be used.



Electrical equipment such as ultrasound, interferential and TNS may be used as an adjunct to treatment. These work to help restore circulation and decrease swelling and pain.



Using Chinese medicine to encourage the body to produce its own chemicals to eliminate pain and promote healing.